Have you found yourself in the position where you owe more than your home is worth and you need to sell?  Is it becoming increasingly difficult to make your mortgage payment?  A short sale could be your best option.  But don’t get taken for a long stressful ride by a self-proclaimed expert.


What is a Short Sale?


A short sale is a workout program that allows a borrower (Home Owner) to sell the property when the existing loan balance is greater than the sales price.  Typically the home owner is experiencing a hardship.  Many times they are approaching or are in the first stages of a foreclosure.  A short sale allows the owner to sell the home at a substantially discounted purchase price and avoid a foreclosure proceeding.  This type of transaction requires that the owner get an Agent experienced in the Short Sale process.  The agent on the home owner’s behalf would seek a formal approval from the bank.  The buyer would then proceed with the purchase of the home like any traditional real estate transaction.


What is a Hardship?  Here are some examples of a hardship:


  • Unemployment or reduced income
  • Separation or divorce
  • Inability to work due to health reasons.
  • Medical bills
  • Business failure
  • Death of a spouse
  • Adjustment in mortgage payment
  • Increase in your monthly expense
  • Any other circumstance that cripples your ability to pay your mortgage

Why would a lender agree to a short sale?


Banks (lenders) are is the business to make money and to keep loses to a minimum.  They understand the current real estate market and know that many properties cannot be sold for what is owed on them today.  When a borrower falls behind on their loan payments the lenders has the right to take the property back in a foreclosure proceeding.  However, when a complete package is properly presented to the bank and they (banks) believe the proceeds from the short sale will be greater than the foreclosure proceeds, the bank can be persuaded to take less than the full amount owed. 


Don’t beat yourself up… It’s not your fault!!!


Good people find themselves in tough spots.  It’s scary when you’re facing the reality of a foreclosure. We are right in the middle of a national mortgage crisis.  Many homeowners have been abused by unethical lending practices.


You bought your home or maybe refinanced or took a second loan thinking your home would increase in value.  Now you’re facing the harsh reality that your home is worth less than when you bought it and the value is still declining sharply. 


Did you know that nearly 90% of homeowners nationwide who try to short sale their home, will end up losing their home to foreclosure due to an agent that is not experienced in short sale process or worst the agent is lazy?


Short sales are not easy!


unless you seek the help from a highly skilled agent with a proven track record in working short sales.  The agent you choose must be knowledgeable in every aspect of a real estate transaction and be a skillful negotiator.  I have been personally trained by the former Chief Loss Mitigator and Asset Manager with 20 years in the business.  He was the guy in the bank that would accept or decline a short sale.  His most recent assignment was with Indy Mac Bank as the head of their HELOC loss mitigation division.  His insider knowledge and broad base of industry contacts has helped me in the toughest situations.


I have successfully negotiated short sales for many families. With over 15 years of real estate sales experience, I have completed the Graduate Realtor Institute and hold the GRI designation.  GRI graduates are recognized nationwide for knowledge, professionalism and excellence.   I received a certification in real estate finance and development from the University of Southern California.  Additionally, I spent 15 years with a fortune 500 company in account management and sales.


Now it’s up to you…


I am ready to fight for you.  Are you ready to take a serious look at your options and see how a short sale can help you:


  • Save Your Credit
  • Avoid Bankruptcy
  • Avoid  Foreclosure
  • Relieve The Stress That This Financial Burden Has Become

WITH NO OUT OF POCKET FEES OR ANY UP FRONT COST OF ANY KIND!  When I do my job and save you from foreclosure, only then will I get paid by the lender!


Not all agents can do a short sale and not all people qualify for our help.  I am here for you if your situation meets any of the following criteria:


  • You have a valid hardship;
  • You have little or no equity in your home ;
  • You are unable (or soon will be unable) to pay your bills on time, and no you do not need to be late on your mortgage ;
  • You want to work with an expert


How do I start the process?


If you want to know whether you qualify, Talk to Danita Tabron Short Sale Advocator.  She will give you a free no obligation consultation.  Believe it or not, you may need help getting a temporary reduction in your payments to catch up.


If you would like to explore the possibilities of a short sale, avoid foreclosure, and potentially save your credit rating, please complete the form below.  The short sale advocator will be in touch with helpful information.
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