Leimert Park

Leimert Park is truly an illustration of an entrepreneurial- spirited and small- town, neighbor loving community.  Founded in the 1920’s, Leimert Park has evolved into the African- American cultural center for Los Angeles, CA; as well as has emerged as a melting pot for middle and upper middle class residence.

 Leimert Park is a unique neighborhood balancing its business district, Leimert Park Village, and magnificent Spanish and Mediterranean designed homes.  The mom and pop shops are within walking distance; which adds a unique twist to the Leimert Park community.  Leimert Park Village is home to jazz lounges, boutiques, art galleries, dance studios, coffee shops, a variety of restaurants, and the most park festivals in Los Angeles. It is a sanctuary for the artist, activist, musician, poet, and expert shopper looking for specialty items.  Leimert Park has style and a rich culture piping through Leimert Park store fronts, diverse homeowners, and its socially- aware patrons.

Real Estate Market Information:

Neighborhood Fun Facts:

Seasonal community festivals (http://www.leimertparkbeat.com): 

  • Leimert Park Book Fair
  • Leimert Park Drum Circle
  • 4th of July Jazz and Blues Festival
  • Cameroon Culture

Diverse Restaurants:

  • Ackee Bamboo (Caribbean Cuisine)
  • Papa West (Soul Food)
  • Earlez Grille (Traditional American Cuisine)

Coffes Shops:

4644 Admiralty Way Marina Del Rey CA 90292